East Cornwall Search & Rescue

“Today it was my pleasure to make the long awaited cheque presentation to my chosen charity,” said W Brother Graham Holtum.

East Cornwall Search & Rescue – supported by the Earl of St Germans No 7031

“Back in November 2019, when I was installed into the Chair at Earl of St Germans, I named East Cornwall Search & Rescue as the recipient of charity funds raised during my year.”

The presentation initially was to have taken place at the annual gathering at King Arthur’s Great Halls. The setting today was no less dramatic, as they met on Kit Hill, Callington.

After I presented the £500 cheque, members of the Earl of St Germans and Widows Sons were pleased to receive a talk and demonstration of the equipment used in location and recovery of injured and vulnerable people locally.

“I would like to thank the brethern who attended and our Charity Steward, W Brother Russell for facilitating the presentation.”